About Dataguzzler

Image of cracked turbine vane
Vibrothermography image of a cracked stator vane, captured with a Dataguzzler-based data acquisition system.

Dataguzzler is a laboratory data acquisition platform for high performance waveform and image acquisition. It uses a reconfigurable modular architecture and is controllable both from a command console and by remote over TCP/IP.

Dataguzzler provides an infrastructure for integrating complicated laboratory data acquisition systems. Dataguzzler is centered around a command dispatch engine that dispatches manual and automatic command to various hardware-controlling modules. A variety of prebuilt modules, for hardware from function generators to waveform capture cards to framegrabbers, are included. Dataguzzler also provides a high-performance database of acquired waveforms and images and a set of math functions to organize and manipulate your data. A python-based scripting language can be used to integrate the various components of your data acquisition environment into a single, coherent system.

As distributed, Dataguzzler comes pre-configured for two applications: A software oscilloscope, based on the Measurement Computing PCI-DAS4020/12 card, and a CameraLink imager, based on the EDT PCI-DV/CLink card.