Vibrothermography movie: MJPEG (40 MB) | Ogg Theora (12.5 MB) This movie shows (slowed down 10x) a series of infrared images of cracks and other indications on a stator vane heating in response to vibration. The images have the background subtracted out so all you see are the changes. (The outline of the vane is due to the vane shifting position slightly in the clamps.) The excitation started at t=.2 seconds (2.0 seconds into the clip) and ended at t=1.2 seconds (12 seconds into the clip). There are major cracks in the trailing edges and on the vane surface. A pattern of deep indications (wide blurs) comes from separators that hold the vane surface away from the interior baffle. Codecs for Ogg Theora are available from